The Biodiversity Institute seeks to increase our understanding of biological diversity in Wyoming and beyond through a variety of research grants and collaborative research projects.  Research is essential for:
  • understanding how organisms, ecosystems and connections work;
  • identifying the state of biodiversity now so we can monitor changes over time;
  • fostering young scientists to become creative yet grounded researchers;
  • effective, sustainable and smart conservation of biodiversity.

Biodiversity Research at the University of Wyoming

The University of Wyoming conducts a broad range of Biodiversity research by faculty, staff and students across a number of social and natural science departments. Click below to read more about some of the exciting biodiversity reasearch being conducted at the Univeristy of Wyoming. 

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Citizen Science

Are you a Citizen Scientist?  You certainly can be!  Citizen Science is a way for individuals anywhere - regardless of age or profession - to collect data about a biological observation (a bumble bee in your backyard, a short horned lizard at your campsite, a penstemon blooming along a road cut, etc.) and submit to a larger organization for inclusion in a database used for real research. 

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Biodiversity Research Grants Program

This program provides financial support for University of Wyoming undergraduate and graduate students conducting innovative and high-impact research projects that address important topics in biodiversity scholarship. The Request for Proposals for 2013 is now closed. The research proposals that are funded will be directly concerned with biological diversity, but not necessarily restricted to the natural sciences, and are for students' own independent research ideas.

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Biodiversity Resource Collection

The Biodiversity resource Collection is designed to help educators researchers and the public find outstanding, links, curricula, multimedia resources, and other educational and resource materials that can enhance biodiversity education in a variety of settings.

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Research News