Pollinator PartyPollinator Party - Photo by Bryce Tugwell


butterfly.jpgPollinators are a critical group of animals that make plant reproduction (seeds and fruits) possible.  Much of the food we eat, clothes we wear, medicines we injest, materials we frequently use rely on a living organism to pollinate the plant it came from.  In Wyoming, we rely on pollinators including a variety of bees (bumble, mason, leafcutter, carpenter, sweat, etc.), butterflies and moths, beetles, wasps, hummingbirds... and also wind!

Pollinator numbers are in decline in many places, for reasons known and unknown. The Biodiversity Institute would like your help to keep Wyoming pollinators healthy and numerous. You can provide or improve habitat for pollinators, and find and identify species to help scientists keep track of numbers. Encourage your family and friends to become pollinator-aware, and help reduce the use of pesticides in your community.

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Get Involved!

1.  Pollinator Garden

If you like to garden and want to attract Wyoming pollinators to your yard, this is for you!  By growing a variety of flowering plants (and keeping them pesticide free!) and keeping your garden a bit untidy, you can provide food, shelter and water for all sorts of pollinators.  Learn more!


2.  Bumble Bee Brigade

beehouses.jpgDo you know what species of bumble bees you have in your area?  Neither do we, and we'd love to know!  The Bumble Bee Brigade (B3) is a group of people who submit observations of bumble bees in their area all summer long.  Last year, the Bumble Bee Brigade contributed information on the where-abouts of 7 of Wyoming's 22 species, including the western bumble bee, a species of concern to scientists.  Learn more!


3.  Pollinator Parties

Learn to recognize some of the common pollinators in your area while enjoying your local public garden.  During these parties, you will catch and identify pollinators, play pollinator games, make crafts and learn a lot!  Pollinator Parties are scheduled for Laramie, Cheyenne and Baggs - we'd love to come to your town too!  Learn more!