Pollinator PartyPollinator Party - Photo by Bryce Tugwell

Public Programs

Our biggest goal at the Biodiversity Institute is to connect people with plants, animals, fungi and ecosystems in Wyoming and beyond.  Our public programs are geared toward the general public and non-University folks all around the state, and focus on a variety of topics.  You can get involved with any of them today!  Learn more below.



Citizen Science

The Biodiversity Institute offers three new citizen science programs for anyone to get involved with.  If you're curious about amphibians, pollinators or just going out to see what you can find, check out our citizen science programs by clicking here!




Music, Film and Performance Series

We love exploring how music and movies explain science in interesting and appealing ways.  Our BioMusica Concert Series is program that bridges music and biodiversity through musicians, instruments and pieces that incorporate scientific concepts.  We also host the Biodiversity Movie Night once a month, showing films with a different focus relating to biodiversity and its conservation.  In addition, we occasionally coordinate a performance in or just outside of the Berry Center that explores how art and science relate.  In 2013, we hosted the Indoor Vertical Dance in the Berry Center lobby, which was an incredible experience.  Learn more!


Annual SpeakerKatrinaPoster-200w.jpg

Our field is filled with interesting, cutting-edge scientists and artists that investigate the many wonders of our natural world.  The Biodiversity Institute brings one world-class speaker to the University of Wyoming each year, to broader our understanding, inspiration and scope of biodiversity science and studies.  This speaker is an expert in a field related to biodiversity science, but incorporates other disciplines and ideas into his/her work.  In 2013, we invited Katrina van Grouw, scientific writer and illustrator and author of The Unfeathered Bird for a series of exciting events.


Biodiversity Publications

We are working hard to develop books, booklets, guides and resources that expand everyone's knowledge of the rich biodiversity Wyoming possesses.  These publications include three books we're helping fund (Mountains and Plains, second edition, by Dennis Knight; Mammals of Wyoming, by Steve Buskirk; Ungulate Migration, by Matt Kauffman), as well as a set of booklets we collaborated in writing (Native Plant Gardening in Wyoming, by BI staff, UW Extension and the Laramie Garen Club), Stream Macroinvertebrates of Wyoming, by BI staff and WYNDD, Butterflies of Wyoming, by BI staff, WYNDD and The Nature Conservancy).  In addition, we have a number of smaller resources available for free here.


Biodiversity Contributions Awardawards.png

The Biodiversity Contributions Award publicly recognizes individuals in Wyoming who have made significant contributions in their careers to biodiversity research or education but haven't necessarily been publicly thanked for it.  Every other year, and through a nomination process, selection process and banquet reception, one individual or team will be selected for the Contributions to Wyoming Biodiversity Science Award, and for the Contributions to Wyoming Biodiversity Conservation Award.

In 2013, Robert and Jane Dorn, authors of The Vascular Plants of Wyoming, Wyoming's Birds, and many other publications, received the Science Award, while Chris Madson, long-time editor of and contributor to Wyoming Wildlife Magazine, received the Conservation Award.  Learn more here.

The next nominations will be solicited in 2015.