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May 13, 2013 — The Biodiversity Institute, a division of the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming, has selected recipients of its first annual call for proposals for three initiatives this spring. The winners will receive a combined total of $51,000 for their projects. The three grant categories, Biodiversity Research, Biodiversity in Art and International/Field Course grants, received a combined 47 applications from UW students, faculty and staff in 12 …

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The Biodiversity Institute has initiated is a series of grant offerings to support biodiversity research, teaching, and creative endeavors on the University of Wyoming campus. This spring the Biodiversity Institute offers three new funding opportunities. Each grant asks applicants to maximize their creativity and innovation in designing projects that test the boundaries of how we study and think about biodiversity. And each requires a strong public engagement element that moves these projects from the students and educators who work on them at UW into the hands of Wyoming citizens.

Wyoming is one of the last great natural places in the world, says the first director of the University of Wyoming’s new Biodiversity Institute. “We still have huge expanses of land in which wild creatures manage their lives more or less undisturbed,” says Carlos Martinez del Rio, who recently received the appointment to lead UW’s newest academic initiative. “Very few places still have these natural phenomena taking place at such vast scales. We are just beginning to explore the intricate interconnections between the land and its inhabitants, and between the different creatures in the state.”

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