Meadowsweet-3-CF-PR7.5-3.8.jpgAs part of it's mission The Biodiversity Institute helps develop and/or financially support the creation and exhibition of a variety of biodiversity related educational, scientific and art exhibits and displays. Partnering with the University of Wyoming Art Museum, The University of Wyoming Geological Museums and others, The Biodiversity Institute is developing a portfolio of biodiversity exhibits across the university, these exhibitions include:

  • Travelling Exhibitions and Artist / Researcher workshops and lectures. 
  • Permanent Biodiversity Exhibits at Museums and Other Venues
  • Berry Conservation Center Exhibitions, Temporary & Permanent

Upcoming Exhibitions:

The Unfeathered Bird - Katrina van Grouw

From ancient times forward, , there has always been a special connection between the study of birds and the human imagination.  Katrina van Grouw’s majestic new book, The Unfeathered Bird -- an illustrated masterpiece nearly a quarter century in the making -- offers a uniquely powerful example of this intersection of the human imagination, science, and art.

This art exhibition focuses on Katrina van Grous extraordinary illustrations. through the display of original artworks,  and a series of seminars and hands-on workshops by the artist.

Fuzz to Feathers to Flight: How birds arose from dinosaurs and took to the air. 

Not all dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. One group survived, and we see their descendants every day. We call them birds.  Paleontologists recognized this link over 125 years ago, and have been investigating it ever since. The Biodiversity Institute, in collaboration with the University of Wyoming Geological Museum, is developing a rich interactive exhibit on the long history of birds, feathers and flight, and the rich biodiversity that this evolution has created in the world around us. 


The Berry Conservation Center Permanent Exhibitions


The Berry Conservation Center lobby is a venue for music and other performing arts as well as the location of many stunning temporary exhibitions, but did you know that the rest of the building is sited to be the home to a whole series of permanent scientific and biodiversity displays?

The Berry Biodiversity Center is the home to the University of Wyoming Vertebrate Collection, the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database, a number of working laboratories and scientists working on a whole host projects. Over the next year, a series of permanent exhibitions will be introduced throughout the public areas of the center, exploring biodiversity in Wyoming, the function and uses of our Stable Isotope Laboratory and the University's Vertebrate Collection

Past Exhibitions:

The Botanical Series

The University of Wyoming Art Museum has a long history of presenting exhibitions based in nature and landscape. The opportunity to explore contemporary advances in botanical art through the glorious plant imagery of Gerald Lang and Jennifer Tucker resulted in the first exhibition of this genre since the museum's 1993 relocation to the Centennial Complex...


Cultivate The Scientist is Every Child
The Philosophy of Frances and David Hawkins
A special exhibit for people who work and play with children

Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child illustrates a dynamic approach to learning and teaching that uses readily available materials to engage children's existing curiosity.