Brenna Marsicek

BrennaWanous.jpgBrenna Marsicek is a Project Coordinator for the Biodiversity Institute and focuses her efforts primarily on public engagement activities, including:

  • BioMusica concerts, which bring worlds of science and music together;
  • Movie nights, featuring a movie on different topics for different age groups each month;
  • Pollinator events, to teach as many people possible about Wyoming's incredible diversity of bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinating species;
  • Rocky Mountain Amphibian Project, a citizen science project for gathering more and standardized data on frogs, toads and salamanders in Wyoming and beyond;
  • Visiting speakers, which highlight the work and innovative perspectives of cutting edge scientists and artists that work with biodiversity;
  • Green roof outreach, including writing for the Berry Prairie blog and giving tours of the Berry Center's 3600 square foot green roof;
  • Facebook page maintenance, to keep our friends up to date on the latest and greatest around the Biodiversity Institute;
  • Mentoring undergraduate graphic design students, to supervise their product development and encourage their understanding of biodiversity science;
  • and more!

She also co-authored Plants with Altitude: Regionally Native Plants for Wyoming Gardens, published in March 2014, and created the web companion website,

In addition, Brenna is the Office Associate for the Program in Ecology, the University's largest (and greatest!) interdisciplinary PhD program.  

Brenna received degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Geography, International Studies and Environmental Studies.  She is also a Wyoming Master Gardener and is very involved with the Laramie Garden Club.